Cheap Flight! Fly Nonstop Austin to London for $612 ( or less!)

The Deal

We mentioned a few days ago that Norwegian Airlines was going to start flying nonstop Austin to London starting in March 2018. Well it looks like this has set off a price war between Norwegian and British Airways who has been flying that route for a couple of years.

Google Flights is showing good availability in April 2018 for $612 roundtrip fares on British Airways.


Let’s not forget Norwegian of course. They’re offering the same route for only $564, though their destination airline is Gatwick, not Heathrow.


If that’s the case, why would you want to choose BA? Well, for starters bags and meal are included in the ticket price, whereas with Norwegian you have to pay extra.

I flew the LHR-AUS British Airways flight last year and has a wonderful experience. The new 787s make the trip much more enjoyable, with higher cabin pressure and humidity, as well as really cool tinted windows.


This is a great deal for a direct international flight from Austin to Europe. It’s exciting to see not only new routes from Austin but also competitive pricing.

Want to get away but need to stay domestic? Yesterday we talked about $118 round trip tickets to Denver. And if you want to make sure you never miss a cheap flight deal be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and like us on Facebook.


One thought on “Cheap Flight! Fly Nonstop Austin to London for $612 ( or less!)

  • at 4:09 pm

    I’ve been looking for flights to London for months. It’s nice that we don’t have to go through DFW or HOU to get good deals to Europe. Hope this trend continues. Subscribed!


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