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5 Online Business Risks That Must Be Cautious and Avoided

You don’t need to create your own online store website , but you can sell online using social media or join existing marketplace sites. Therefore, many people seek their fortune by doing business online. Besides looking easy to run, the benefits of being an online business person are also tempting.

But, of course, no business is without risk. Here are some risks of running an online business that you should be aware of and avoid so as not to make you lose.

1. Item Does Not Match Buyer Expectations

The buyer cannot see and touch the item directly. They only pay attention to the photo of the product that you upload and ask for an explanation from you about the condition and quality of the product.

Even if you explain it according to reality, it is not certain that the buyer will be satisfied when the item is received. Sometimes, buyer expectations are also excessive. Finally, they were disappointed because the original shape did not match the description.

2. Incorrect Shipping Address

Misdirected shipments will make goods arrive late in the hands of consumers. You will be hassle because you have to repeatedly contact or go to a shipping service vendor to take care of it.

Not to mention consumers are also definitely angry, because the ordered items do not arrive in accordance with the agreement. Problems that seem trivial, but often happens if you as a seller is less thorough.

Therefore, confirm the buyer’s address before you send the item. Make sure you write clearly the name, home address, and also the telephone number of the recipient.

3. Goods Damaged When Shipment

Even if you give your best, bad luck can sometimes be unexpected. Such as goods damaged in transit due to the fault of the shipping service or your error in packaging .

In fact, the goods you send are new and good, and are not defective at all. However, if not careful, then sometimes the goods can be damaged when shipping.

As a result, you have to bother to ask for compensation from the shipping company, or you yourself are the losers because they have to resend the buyer’s order with a new one.

4. Deceived Buyers

In online business, there are not only business people who are fake, but there are also fake shoppers who like to cheat. This is the risk of online businesses that are still lurking about the seller and quite alarming.

For example, buyers who make fake receipts and claim to have transferred, buyers who pay not in accordance with the nominal, and others.

Therefore, do not easily trust with buyers to prevent fraud. Check and re-check every transaction, and keep proof of communication between you and the buyer.