50,000 Retention Bonus Points for Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Holders

New Chase Sapphire Reserve Bonus

I just got a call from my local chase banker (apparently I had someone assigned to me) informing me that I was eligible for 50,000 bonus points as a CSR card holder.

The promo is connected with the Chase Private Client program. I’ve never been a member but I had looked into last year when it allowed you to bypass 5/24. The terms she mentioned for the bonus are as follows:

Transfer $100,000 to the new CPC account and leave it there for 3 months.

She mentioned the deal was just announced today. I haven’t seen any news of it, though you’ll likely start seeing emails or promos from Chase soon. If not go ahead and call up or stop into your local branch. They seemed pretty eager to sell it.

I’m curious to see if they’re flexible on the $100k amount, which would open it up to a lot more people. I’ve heard many stories of exceptions in the past with regards to just joining Private Client, but I was never successful myself.

Deals ATX Analysis.

This is an interesting offer and the first I’ve seen of it’s kind from Chase. It’s in line with what we’ve seen from other banks like BOA – focusing their most valuable rewards cards on their wealthiest clients. While a lot of people can justify a $450 AF for the return of the first year rewards, only the most valuable customers will park 6 figures in an account for a quarter.

If you have the extra cash, it’s a no brainier.

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