American Express Blue Cash Preferred $200 with Annually Fee Waived

American Express Blue Cash Preferred

I’m not usually a fan of cash back cards and usually focus on miles/points instead. I can almost always get 2 cents per point and sometimes much better. The American Express Blue Cash Preferred is one of the few cash back cards I’ve kept my eye for a number of reasons.

The best benefit about the Blue Cash Preferred is an unheard of 6% for spend at US supermarkets. The only other card that comes close to that is the Chase Freedom which offers 5% back on rotating categories at places like gas stations, pharmacies and supermarkets as well. It also offers 3% cash back at gas stations though there are other cards out there that do the same.

Who Should Get the Amex BCP?

There are two types of people who this card would be great for. The first would be a head of family who spends lots of money at the supermarket. The other would be someone who does manufactured spending since supermarkets are often great places to find gift cards.

I haven’t been using going to the supermarket much since I’ve discovered the joys of Instacart  (You can use that link for $10 off your first order) and Amazon Prime Now. ( I’d assume most of my readers are already Prime members but if you’re not you can sign up for a free 30 day trial here Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial ) I also haven’t been doing that much manufactured spending recently while I try to burn the mountain of points I’ve collected.

Is the Blue Cash Preferred Worth an Annual Fee of $95

The reason I decided to take the plunge is amazing offer /u/physixfan posted on reddit. The sign up offer for the Blue Cash Preferred varies from $150 to $250 cash back with an annual fee of $95. I have never before seen the annual fee waived. He posted a method to receive an offer of $200 with the $95 annual fee waived the first year. After some experimentation I was able to replicate it.

How to get the Blue Cash Preferred with the Annual Fee of $95 Waived

The link is the standard one offered by Amex, While there’s no exact science to these types of offers try opening it and an incognito window and you have a good chance of getting it eventually.

Here’s what I did – I tried 7 times in chrome and kept on getting this offer. They all included an annual fee of $95

American Express Blue Cash Preferred with a $95 Annual Fee

I decided to give it a go in Mozilla Firefox and, boom! On the second try this appeared.

American Express Blue Cash Preferred with No Annual Fee

So I went ahead and applied and was instantly approved with a $20,000 limit.

The only difference with this offer is it doesn’t offer 0% APR for the first 12 months thought we generally don’t recommend using cards in that fashion anyway.

Should I get the American Express Blue Cash Preferred.

While this is certainly a great offer, it is far from the best card out there. If you’re new to the points game you should always focus on Chase cards before you hit 5/24. If you’re like me however and have most of the cards out there this is a great way to get a no annual fee card with a decent sign up bonus and some impressive ongoing rewards.


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