Is This The Best Blender Ever?

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Amazon currently has the Vitamix 5200 on sale for a fantastic price. In fact this is the lowest we’ve ever seen!

Most stores sell this for $400 or more.


Vitamix Blender Review

Vitamix 5200

I’ve owned a Vitamix for 4 and have been extremely happy with it. What makes Vitamix Blenders so good is the quality materials and construction that go into building it. The company stands buy it with a good warranty but we’ve even heard of vitamix blenders lasting 20 years or more

Ease of Use – The other thing that makes Vitamixes so great is these machines are easy to use. There’s only 3 controls on a Vitamix. On/off, high/low, and a variable speed knob. Cleaning is a breeze – throw some soap and water in there, run for 20 seconds, rinse, and you’re done

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