Thinking about starting an independent trucking company? Check out these insights from Blazo Gjorev.

Starting an independent trucking company offers an excellent way to start a small business and to further your trucking career. Trucking expert Blazo Gjorev offers some advice for establishing an independent trucking company.

“Starting your own trucking company offers freedom in some ways,” Blazo Gjorev points out. “You can decline a route or client, for example. But remember, starting a business also means shouldering a lot of responsibility and taking risks. Make sure you’re prepared.”

Right now, trucking services are in high demand and few truckers are available for work. This could make it a great time to jump in to start a company. But it also makes it hard to find talent.

“It’s hard to find truckers right now, but one thing that pretty much always helps is treating your staff well and fairly,” Blazo Gjorev says. “Once you build a reputation for being a great place to work, you’ll often find that dedicated, hardworking truckers will seek you out.”

We’re seeing retail giants build out private shipping networks that rival the big global shipping companies. This has created opportunities for countless independent trucking companies. Rather than owning every truck in-house, many of these companies work alongside independent trucking companies. That said, while independent trucking companies should look for opportunities, it’s also smart to diversify and not depend on one client.

“Your independent trucking business might initially start with one contract with one client,” Blazo Gjorev says. “I highly recommend, however, that you diversify as quickly as possible. This way, you’re not dependent on one customer. And if you have to negotiate new contracts, not relying on a single customer provides leverage. If one client folds, you can rely on your other customers for business.”

Blazo Gjorev Discusses the Nuts and Bolts of Running a Small Business

Building a company up is easier said than done and entrepreneurs should prepare for long hours. Often, money is tight at the beginning and even savvy entrepreneurs may struggle with cash flow and other problems. Still, dedication and hard work can pay off. And taking the right steps at the beginning of your efforts can save a lot of hassles.

“One thing that really helps is making sure your books and accounting are all in order,” Blazo Gjorev notes. “It’s tempting to fly by the seat of your pants and to then try to organize receipts and invoices later, but that often leads to a lot of problems later on.”

Many entrepreneurs end up being jacks of all trades. You may have to handle accounting, recruiting, marketing, and more. While it’s smart to develop your skills in areas vital to your business, don’t overlook the expertise of dedicated specialists.

“As a small business owner, you may handle a lot of your marketing efforts,” Blazo Gjorev notes. “Still, if you want to run a search engine Ad campaign or build a social media profile, finding an expert can go a long way.”

When running a business, it’s often best to be proactive and to anticipate needs, rather than reactive. If you’re launching a new business, it’s smart to sit down and consider what challenges you might run into and how you can prepare for said challenges.