WOW! Fly to Europe for $69!

Cheap flights to Europe

On the heels of some great mistake fares last week, WOW Air is throwing their hat into the ring and offering some killer deals to Europe. There is plenty of availability and and over a dozen locations included on both sides of the pond.


The Deal

We’re seeing plenty of availability through the rest of the year.

On the USA side locations include Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, and Miami.

In Europe we see Edinburgh, Stockholm, Dublin, Copenhagen, Brussels Paris, Berlin, and London.

Be aware that this deal is outbound only. Return flights start at over $200 though most are in the $300 or $400s. Consider using miles or points to get back. If that’s not available check out Google flights for the best return options, it likely isn’t WOW.


Wow Air

It’s important to keep in mind that WOW Air is a low cost carrier so even things like carry-ons won’t be included. Expect to pay at least $50 for the luxury of taking more than a personal item. They seem to have a variable price calculator which determines the fee. Of course things like reserved seats and meals will cost you money too. It may be worth it to upgrade to the WOW Plus depending on your itinerary and travel style. All this being said, for a base price of $69 this is still a fantastic deal.

Of course all WOW Air flights stop in Reykjavík (KEF)

Deals ATX Summary

In a summer filled with amazing deals this is one of the best. It likely won’t last more that a couple days so book as soon as possible.

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