Fly Round Trip to Israel for Under $300

WOW Air Flights from Newark to Israel

Here are some great cheap flights to Israel, a destination that is not usually discounted. Icelandic low cost carrier, WOW Air, has been shaking up the transatlantic market the past year or so. We’ve seen flights to Iceland for only $99 and regular sales to Europe for sightly more.

They recently started flying to Israel but this is the cheapest I’ve ever seen. Most of their flights leave from east coast hubs so you’ll need to make that connection.

I see pretty limited availability with some dates in November and February.


Here are some more details on the exact itinerary. Of course with WOW Air you’re going to have a stopover in Reykjavik(KEF). The overall travel time is pretty good at just around 15 and half hours.


Wow Air

WOW is a low cost carrier so like Frontier they charge additional fees. A personal item is included free but If you want to bring a carry-on it will cost $40. A checked back will set you back $60. You can find a full explanation of their fares here.

While this does lessen the deal slightly it still is one of the best flight deals I’ve seen to Israel. If you travel light it’s an even better fare.

Deals ATX Summary

How Long will It Last

Based on the extremely cheap fares and limited availability, this will likely only last a day or two.

What to do in Israel?

Israel is full of amazing sites, you can spend months there and never run out of things to do. For history buffs, it’s of course the birthplace of all three major religions. For beach goers there is the beautiful Mediterranean and Red Sea. And for partiers, Tel Aviv offers some of the best night life in the middle east.

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