Norwegian Air – Fly From Austin to London from $179 One Way

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The low cost carrier battle for transatlantic flights continues with Norwegian Air offering one way flights from Austin to London for only $179 one way. The main competitor in this field is the Icelandic airline WOW Air which is currently offering $69 flights to Europe though they don’t offer any options for our readers looking to escape ATX.

I see plenty of availability in April and May, check out some of the sample dates below.



The same rates are available from the Midwestern cities of Chicago and Denver. Other locations like LAX and JFK offer flights to destinations like Barcelona and Paris and Dublin with fares as low as $89.

Similar to other low cost transatlantic flights, these dirt cheap fares only apply to the outbound leg, the return flights often start at 2 or 3 times the price. While it still may be the cheapest option, you should check other airlines or possibly use points instead.

Norwegian Air

Like WOW Air you have to pay for almost everything. They are slightly better than WOW in that they allow one carry on of 10kg and 118 total cm (24 pds and 46 inches – which is the standard carry on size) in addition to a personal item. WOW charges as much as $60 dollars for that privilege.

Thank You Boeing 787!

We can thank Boeing and it’s new 787 for these awesome cheap flights. These aircraft with an 8,000 mile range make lower demand routes like Austin to London economical. Due in large part to it’s use of lightweight composites, it’s also 20% more fuel efficient than the 767 which it replaces. Another benefit is that the cabin can be pressurized to a lower altitude and the air can have higher humidity levels. This makes a huge difference in comfort for passengers.

How to Book

Here’s a list of all flights available in their fall sale. The sale ends September 6th though I imagine some of the fares might sell out sooner.

Deals ATX Summary

We love seeing competition for transatlantic routes. These new airlines are opening up international travel to passengers that would have never had the chance otherwise. We think this trend is only going to continue and we’ll likely start seeing similar choices to South America and Transpacific.

Norwegian seems to be a step up from WOW Air for basically the same cost. I especially love seeing Austin get more attention and access from international airlines.

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