Score one for Seniors. Amazing Deal From T-Mobile for those 55+

Huge T Mobile Discount for Seniors (and Their Young Deal Savvy Relatives)

If you’re one of readers over 55, or if you have a parent/grandparent over 55, you need to read this deal.

As many of you know, I’ve been a huge fan of T Mobile for many years. Their plans, customer service, and yes, their coverage have all proven to all be fantastic. Apparently many of you agree as can seen from the fact that they have absolutely shook up an industry that had been taking advantage of consumers for years.

In their continued push to be the “Un-Carrier” they just announced a new plan that is bound to save people lots of money.

Here are the details

  • Qualified customers can get T-Mobile ONE for just $60/mo total for two lines with taxes and fees included (need to be on AutoPay). This includes unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE smartphone.
    • Here’s the kicker – only one person has to be over 55. The other can be any age. So go bring some cookies over to grandma and then take a quick ride with her over the T Mobile store)
  • Existing customers can switch in a T-Mobile store or by calling 1-800-TMOBILE. They’ll validate based on the date of birth they have on record from when you initially set up your account.
  • New customers can go into any T-Mobile store and sign up. You need to bring a valid, government-issued proof of age (i.e. driver’s license or passport) to prove eligibility.

T Mobile

One of the small but fun perks T Mobile offers is their T Mobile Tuesday deals. I’ve gotten countless $4 movie tickets as well as a host of other deals for just being a subscriber.



It’s great to see more deals from T Mobile. I keep on waiting for them to sell out and raise prices once they’ve gained a big market share but they haven’t done so yet.

I particularly like to see them offer benefits to seniors. As a group, seniors are often taken advantage of telecom companies who exploit the fact that they may not be as tech savvy.

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