T-Mobile Tuesday Offers for August 15

T-Mobile Tuesday Offers

T-Mobile’s “T-Mobile Tuesdays” is one of my favorite things about being a customer. While it’s a small gesture, it sets the company apart from the rest of the industry and reflects their larger focus of being customer centric. AT&T liked it so much they copied the idea but their execution isn’t even close.

My favorite offers are the $4 dollar movie which they seem to give every 2-3 weeks. This is actually pretty valuable as it works for any theater and screen. I used it to see a $25 dollar IMAX movie last month in Nashville. It’s hit or miss with the rest. Sometimes they’re very valuable like the recent StitchFix offer, sometimes they’re worthless. Often it depends on your likes and preferences, for instance – do you eat Papa Johns pizza.

This weeks T-Mobile Offers

Let’s take a look at this weeks offers. They include a movie ticket, a free slurpee, a free video game and a $100 delivery fee credit for Postmates.

Discounted Movie Ticket

We’ll start off with the best one. You can get a $4 ticket to see Hitman’s Bodyguard. All you need to do is go to Atom Tickets or download the app. Enter the promo at checkout and you’re all set.

It’s a actually a great app overall and a lot more user friendly than Fandango

$4 Ticket to Hitman’s Bodyguard

Free Slurpee at 7-11

Free Slurpees are pretty cool. You missed it this year but every July 7 (7/11, get it) you can get a free slurpee as well.

Free Slurpee

Free Sonic Steam Game

I guess this is pretty cool. Feel free to steal my promo code.

Get a free Video Game on Steam

$100 Postmates Credit

I was excited about this Postmates credit until I read the fine print. It only applies to the delivery fee, not the food, and expires tomorrow? Who the hell would possible make use of even a 10th of this..?

$100 Credit to Postmates

Deals ATX Conclusion

As long as there’s a movie ticket I’m thrilled with the weeks haul. The rest of the stuff is kinda garbage. If you’re over 55 or have a parent who is check out T-Mobiles fantastic new senior plan.

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