Uber/Lyft Prepare for Return to Austin

Get ready for an influx of cheap ride-sharing promos! Former Lyft users are reporting receiving text messages from the company announcing their return once Gov. Abbot signs the new bill. If you recall when Uber/Lyft first entered Austin there were multiple $30 free rides (often for existing users) and $500 bonuses for drivers. While Lyft historically has been less aggressive in promos and lacks the capital Uber does, recent moves make me believe they are going to go all out in the return battle.

The current ride-share providers in Austin are:


They’ve all had their issues and its unlikely that many people will remain loyal to them. Drivers on the other hand report better earnings (Ride Austin in particular) and many of them resent how Uber left them hanging. It’s hard to believe this will be an obstacle however, because in the end they are going to go where the riders are.

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