Unlimited Inflight Wifi for $6 a Month (Gogo access)

Inflight Wifi Deal

This is a fantastic deal from US Mobile giving you unlimited internet on all Gogo equipped airplanes nationwide.

For comparison a domestic 1 time use pass on American or Delta costs $16 +tax and monthly passes go for $49.

You can sign up here. And see a list of airlines here The regular price is $10/month but they just put out a promo code on reddit for 40% (Try RCUSMWIFI or RPUSMWIFI) No saying how long these will last, so buy it now if you have any flights coming up. The 30 days starts from the time you activate it and you have 30 days to activate it from the time you purchase.

I went ahead and bought it, I’ve got an Alaskan Air flight coming up soon so we’ll try it out. If you have any issues, their customer service is absolutely fantastic. They’ll respond by chat or email almost immediately.

How it works

In order to use it on your phone you need to download the ipass app, which seems to work well. Aside from working on over 6,000 domestic flights it also gives you access to millions of hotspots at hotels, coffee shops and elsewhere (like TWC hotspots)

Inflight Wifi

Finding a great flight deal is only half the battle, you need to stay entertained during those hours in the air. Jetblue is still the leader in the field with free wifi on all flights. Southwest is cheaper than most of the legacy carriers at $8 for a pass.

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